1.   We Find Out Where Your Super Is

Why you care.

Ok, so……… you’ve had a few jobs….me too. So where did your employers put your super? Good question. You may or may not know. If You don't make one quick call to us to say hi and Organise for a 10 minute space in your week to catch up on the phone and then you will know where all your super is.

2.   We Find Out Where It Needs To Be

You may have one super, one set of insurances or many. Either way they will be perfect in one place. Our job is to work out where that is. We gather the facts, chat with you & together we work a soloution. Wanting some good news at this point?

It can all be paid from your super so we won't wreck your budget. Phhheeewwww

3.   We Help You Get It There

With all the facts and all of your input we can move your super in to a safe fund that will help you get to retirement & through it. You will get a call from us at least twice a year to check in on you. I mean you could have bought a house and had a baby. It would be nice even to have a superannuation fund ask, right?

So, don't put to much thought in to it. Just fill in your name and number and we will call you tomorrow, even if it is Sunday.

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